Card Reading Web

Act I

Neglected, but far from forgotten, their shop and home sits on a prime piece of real estate by the Riverfront. Victoria, a stubborn old world gypsy, refuses to budge. Maria defies her aunt and opens a fortune telling booth at a local fair with her daughter, Elitzia, hoping to raise much needed cash.

Greed propels the unscrupulous partner, Stevens,brings Joshua, his protégé at the firm, to the Riverfront after the funeral of his newly deceased partner, Grayson. Stevens tries to convince Joshua that sealing this land development deal is the key to leaving his lasting legacy.

Joshua is haunted by his dead wife, Jordan. He realizesa legacy is only worth leaving if there’s someone to leave it to. Confused, he questions his life.

A week later, the family celebrates Elitzia’s birthday with songs, food, and stories from the old country. Contracts in hand, Joshua pays a call to Victoria. She balks at him, slamming the door in his face.

Moments later, Maria and Elitzia emerge and invite everyone in the neighborhood to join in the festivities. There is music, dancing, and cake. Joshua seizes the opportunity to share the “plans” for the area with Maria — scaring her with talk of strip clubs and bars. Elitzia’s puppy dog eyes pierce Joshua’s heart. He leaves with his tail between his legs.

That night, Elitzia confides to her mother that Joshua is her birthday wish come true and tries to find out if Maria is as enamored with Joshua as she is. Maria dismisses her daughter’s matchmaking, informing her that Joshua’s interest is only in the bottom line. Maria is left to contemplate her family’s future.

Joshua returns to apologize. Maria distrusts him, and he works hard to convince her of his sincerity. Once he does, Victoria pounces on him, like a lioness protecting her cubs. She chases him away, driving Maria and Elitzia to leave in the process. Victoria is left to stand her ground alone.

Act II

With no where to turn, Maria and Elitzia go to Joshua’s office. Letting her guard down, Maria confides in him. She recounts how she came to America, and her husband’s abandonment. Maria soon realizes she was about to abandon Victoria the same way. Maria and Elitzia return to the shop.

Victoria was anxiously awaiting their return, and questions how Maria could keep the girl out so late. Maria finds the courage to stand up to her aunt and assert her independence.

Joshua’s curiosity leads him to the shop for a reading. The cards come to life before his eyes as Maria advises him to use his inner strength to guide him through this tumultuous time in his life. His respect for her and her powers grows, and he asks Maria to walk with him by the water. They stop to admire the lights on the water and he admires the light in her eyes. Sparks fly as they kiss.

Driven to distraction by the memory of Maria’s kiss, Joshua once again finds himself at the shop the next morning. Greeted at the door by Victoria, she casts aside the bouquet of flowers he had brought for Maria, calling them weeds. She slams the door in his face. Joshua gathers his bruised flowers and pride and returns to his office.

That afternoon while sweeping the front porch, Elitzia gets lost in her fantasies of princes on white horses. Upon returning from the market, Maria finds her daughter dancing with the broom and joins her. Hearing their laughter, Victoria enters from the shop to find the discarded broom and groceries. Outraged, she sends Elitzia inside.

Condemning Maria for encouraging the girl’s fantasies and getting wrapped up in her own, Victoria demands Maria set a better example and come to terms with “reality.” She informs Maria that two other lawyers visited the shop that morning. Furious, Maria storms off to get to the bottom of it.

She confronts Joshua in his office, only to learn that he had nothing to do with the other two lawyers, but that he had also visited the shop that morning. He gives her the bouquet and confides that he will help her save her shop and home. Moments later, he learns Stevens is looking for him. Maria exits, reminding him to use his inner strength.

His flowers touch Maria’s heart, connecting her to the woman she had long forgotten. At the firm, Stevens questions Joshua’s loyalty. Joshua meets his ultimatum with his resignation. Joshua goes to the shop to share the news.

Maria’s unsure of whether he made the right decision to forsake allhe’d worked so long and hard for; uncertain of whether they stand a chance together.

Victoria, his detractor from the start, is impressed by his ultimate sacrifice. With Elitzia’s help, they join in trying to convince Maria to open her heart. She finally does. They realize that together they can find “Another Place In Time.”